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Prices do vary during lunch and dinner hours. Dinner prices are displayed. All Dinner time sandwiches come with your choice of pasta or egg plant. "The Garden" - Lettuce, pickle, tomato and onion.

Italian Steak
Lunch $9.00 Dinner $11.00

Lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion with sauce and cheese

Jumbo Meatball Sandwich
Lunch $8.00 Dinner $10.00

Mozzarella cheese, over a sauce on a roma roll

Homemade Giant Pork Tenderloin
Lunch $9.00 Dinner $11.00

With "The Garden" and your choice of mayo or mustard

Egg Plant Sandwich
Lunch $9.00 Dinner $11.00

The 5th Street Club
Lunch $9.00 Dinner $11.00

Ham, turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato and cheese

The Trap
Lunch $10.00 Dinner $12.00

Capacola, genoa salami, Mortadella, provolone cheese, topped with giardiniera.

Italian Sausage
Lunch $9.00 $11.00

With peppers and onions

Chicken Parmesan
Lunch $10.00 Dinner $12.00

Breaded chicken under sauce and mozzarella cheese on a roma roll

Chicken Alfredo
Lunch $10.00 Dinner $12.00

Breaded chicken in alfredo sauce and mozzarella cheese on a roma roll

Hot Italian Beef "The Don Bosco"
Lunch $10.00 Dinner $12.00

Lots of juice topped with giardiniera

Lunch $9.00 Dinner $11.00

Sauerkraut with aged swiss topped with thousand island dressing and a pickle spear

Baked Ham & Swiss
Lunch $8.00

Roma hoagie with "The Garden" with a choice of mayor or mustard

Lunch $10.00 Dinner $12.00

Capacola, Mortadella, genoa salami, American cheese with the "The Garden and a choice of mustard or mayo.

Poor Boy
Lunch $8.00

2 Layer spiced loaf, bologna, cato salami, American cheese, "The Garden" and mustard or mayo.

Rich Boy
Lunch $9.00

2 Layer spiced loaf, bologna, cato salami, American cheese, chopped ham, genoa salami, two cheese's, "The Garden" and mustard or mayo.

Lunch $10.00 Dinner $12.00

Pepperoni, genoa salami, capacola, chopped ham, provolone (2 layers), lettuce, tomato and italian dressing

Turky Italiano
Lunch $10.00 Dinner $12.00

Smoked turkey breast, Provolone Cheese and hot giardiniera on a fresh Italian roll

The Combo
Lunch $13.00 Dinner $15.00

Grilled Italian Sausage & slow cooked roast beef topped with cheese and hot giardiniera

The Double
Lunch $12.00 Dinner $14.00

Grilled pastrami and a corned beef with choice of thousand island or spicy mustard

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